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amanda home voyage 5 640x430 - Home Voyage

Home Voyage

It was a bittersweet goodbye at I drove away from the Colorado Mountains and traveled the twenty-two thousand miles back to the east coast. It was a long, tiring drive full of sleepless nights, deep-dish pizza, and endless caffeine consumption. But before we reached the flat roads of South Dakota we were lucky enough to spend a few nights at Yellowstone National Park…and let me tell you, Yellowstone was a whole new world. (more…)

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Vibe Tribe 6 640x430 - Fixin' Bikes

Fixin’ Bikes

Twisted handlebars, slipping gears, sticky brakes, and flat tires – the wonderful world of bikes is all too often fraught with setbacks. To make matters worse, who knows what kind of funny-looking tool actually fits in that groove and – wait a minute, isn’t that thing screwing in backward? (more…)

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IMG 9565 640x430 - Mantra & Malas

Mantra & Malas

We made it to Utah! I have to say I am loving it so much so far. It feels so grounding here with all of the red earth around us. I have done a lot of hiking lately with my family and we have seen some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  I also have started teaching at a new studio, which I love so much. I have found my new tribe.  (more…)

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madison 11 640x430 - Travel With Yoga

Travel With Yoga

Sometimes life happens in unexpected, unwanted, horrific, and mentally-exhausting ways. I know we think that we are well-equipped to handle life when things are going good. However, when things lately turned south for me, I had to draw from my other life experiences to remind myself that everything is going to be OKAY. (more…)

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photo 4 1 640x430 - New Beginning

New Beginning

The thrill of a new job is both electrifying and terrible. New people, whose faces bear no name, fast become familiar – friendships are born, but sometimes not. Those first days are alive with possibility and pitfalls, simple tasks can be tantalizingly difficult; it’s the professional equivalent of being a two-year-old. (more…)

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