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Utopia Tapestry Pants

Vacationing in a tropical purple paradise, that’s what these pants do for me! The ornate design of the Be Striped Tree Tapestry has been a soul-flower favorite for quite some time and if you love the look of the tapestry like I do, you’ll love these pants, too! How smart are they, aye? I mean, when something is a SF  favorite, why not make it available in another form? Ok, pants please! Walla! So, when I get the urge for a getaway, I throw these purple tapestry pants on and utopia awaits me!

utopia+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry PantsBlog Image
Purples aplenty! 🙂

It’s easy to see that these pants will trip the purple lovers radar!! My undying love for the color had me practically salivating over these pretty purple pantalones!!

purple+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry PantsBlog Image
Utopia Tapestry Pants

Even the lovely Jacqui from Soul-Flowers noted on my invoice, “More purple for you, Woo!”  Yes, it’s a fact, where there is purple clothing to be discovered…there I’ll be!   And I do believe that these purple puppies are pajama pants in disguise! Yes they are tapestry but they don’t fail at being completely cozy and fun to wear. It’s also kinda neat that they are fun yet dressy enough for work. I find by slipping into this utopia a day at a job can magically be transformed into a fantasy land of purple play for the day!

bohemian+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
These pants have the same print as the five star favorite Be Striped Tree Tapestry!

The only dilemma I had when choosing these purple pretties was size. I wanted to make sure I got enough length. Sometimes worldly clothing runs a lil’ funky so I decided on the medium for my 5’5” frame. They are great! Not too short, too long, too tight, or too baggy. The elastic tie waist is nice and stretchy; the overall cut is beautiful and flattering with a slight flare at the bottom of the leg. I hand wash most things that are ornate or delicate which is recommended on the tag for these anyway. They have a great weight and are nicely lined, too. Can’t forget these are fair trade and made in Nepal, giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about my totally cool purpley pants!! A great addition to my plethora of purple!!

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Aiko Boxy Top

Hey out there, buds! Just stopping in the say hi and tell you about my latest SF threads! I received the Aiko Recycled Boxy Top and believe it or not I was actually a little apprehensive when taking it out of the package. Its rectangular, box-like shape had me wondering if I could pull off the style. I haven’t bought anything like it yet, (although I have seen this style a lot, and how cute it looks on others). I gotta admit trying it on made a big difference! It is wonderful and fun to wear as you can see! 🙂 Slip it over your head and it flows and lays in all kinds of neat and funky ways.

Blog Image boxytopcollage - Aiko Boxy Top
With a fun boxy fit & hand-drawn design this is my new fav!

The Aiko, a Soul Flower Original, is one size fits all and made here in the USA with low impact dyes! It’s easy, soft and relaxed to wear due to its ingredients: 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic! 🙂 Like your favorite night shirt it’s soft on da skin and feels about like you’re not wearing anything. No confinement here and I dig the way it drapes the body! Great color too – a slightly faded/heather royal blue hue. Cool fitted ¾ style sleeve so you can push them up a bit or leave them just below the elbows. This top has been fun to wear during this last bit of winter lounging. From yoga to watching a great movie, to baking! Free flowing, light, airy and perfect for anywhere you want to move about with ease, like today when I’m home making something yummy – a peanut butter, marshmallow and cereal treat! If you don’t have this easy one already, here you go!


PB & Mallows Cereal Recipe:
3Tbs. butter or substitute
½ cup organic creamy peanut butter or substitute
5 cups of non sweetened cereal – toasted oats are my fav for this!
6 cups marshmallows
Pan 13×9
Large mixing bowl and spatula

Melt butter in bowl, add marshmallows and toss to coat. Microwave 1:30, stir until smooth then add peanut butter. Immediately stir in cereal until coated. Press mixture into greased pan or waxed paper using greased hands or spatula. Let cool!

sfAIKO6 - Aiko Boxy Top

And while my treat is cooling, I’m dreaming about the weather warming! When it does I’ll be throwing a tank on under the Aiko, slipping it off to one shoulder and rockin’ out with some 80’s sunglasses, skinny jeans & high heels! The eco-friendly Aiko is one versatile vixen!

Have a sweet day, buds! Woo

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Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter

Searching for an epicly amazing skirt has been quite a challenge! I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to skirting me. I believe it stems from having no hips – none, nada, negative, zilch, zero and my opinion that clothing, especially skirts and dresses, lay nicer and flow better as they meet those cute curves a long the way.

Blog Image ruffleskirtSF - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt! MWAH!

Now, I accept me for who I am hips or no hips but since I’m on the subject, (and having fun), along with this hiplessness tragedy, there’s another… resembling a bell. I like bells, on buildings, churches, when it was recess in grade school, or when it’s time to eat but not so much on my body. Ya see, negative hips combined with a bell flare seems to spell double trouble – Bellness to the maximus. Oh dear.

rufflerskirtSF3s - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for WinterBlog Image
<3 Beautiful color combo of purple, brown, and gray <3

So, hunting for that perfect skirt has been a journey, a journey that ended with Soul-Flowers most amazing fitting duds. I was hopeful when the new fall catalog came out and with much anticipation I perused the pages and saw something that delighted my eyes! The most epicly wonderful skirt ever, the new Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt!

So, I got one! WARM & COMFORTABLE! The only way to have winter clothing PLUS I just feel happier when I’m comfy! And, oh! The color! The fuzzy ruffle skirt has a cool color combo – purple, brown, gray and black too! It’s beyond soft and has a neat heathery, cozy cool fabric and freakin swirls!!!! How in the world? Swirls built right in! That’s just wickedly wonderful for superb movement, dimension and twirl! 🙂 I like my fuzzy skirt best with boots of any kind – dressy, riding or rugged. It’s super easy to dress this skirt up or down due to the style and fabric. I am crazy about it because it’s even better then wearing my pajama pants! It’s not every day I can find something that can compare to pj comfort and a skirt of all things?! Pretty stellar!

Blog Image RUFFLESKIRTSF6sm+(2) - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
This skirt is SO soft and SWIRLY!

 I’m glad I’ve finally found it! A great skirt with a great fit for all bodies. YAY!

Happy skirt wearing!

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Handmade Paisley Hat

Fall. A season like no other here in Iowa. I wait all year just to shoot photos and paint images of the colorful variations in the rolling hills. Equally as marvelous is to simply roam around admiring the beautiful multi-colored swirls in a single leaf. Life is changing all around. Hues of yellowy golds, reds, rust and copper are rushing in and they are simply breath taking! How interesting are trees anyway? Their ability to begin conserving energy for the long winter ahead – triggering their leaves to turn these amazing shades before they “fall”. Fascinating really, just another living organism going through their own cycles in life, just like us.

Blog Image sfsixpence2+(2) - Handmade Paisley Hat
Heart the side bow!
While the cycle of falls outdoor color has me thrilled to no end, there’s another cycle brewing in my closet! Time to change my wardrobe! It’s a joyous process really, getting to break out warmer clothing I had forgotten I owned (like my ol’ Soul-Flower winter favs) and even making a few trips to recycle warm items someone else can enjoy. This seasonal change also means adding some new things into the mix and getting to wear more layers, jackets, boots and hats. YES, HATS! I love hats, but only really great fitting ones and yeppers the Soul-Flowers new Sixpence Paisley Hatis in that group! It is the bees knees! This hat is perfect for fall and for my love of it’s warm colors which are all gathered together by pretty paisley designs. The Sixpence Paisley blends in perfectly with all the outdoor scenery and I now get to enjoy wearing the colors I enjoy see everywhere!  

Blog Image sfsixpence1s - Handmade Paisley Hat
It seriously goes with everything!
 The features on this years hat model includes a super cute little green/blue bow and soft velvety fabric that make it perfect for wearing with dressier duds. Just the same the relaxed style of the Sixpence Paisley keeps it laid back and chill enough for casualdays. I‘ve realized in my hat quest that NOT all are created equal and have come cross many a hat that fail to look or fit “right” once on my head but I’m quite convinced that this handmade style is a good fit for anyone! The little miss sixpence is also really fun to wear when you add your own style flare! I like to wear mine with the brim just a tad off to the right side combined with a little forward tilt. So, if you’re a hat wearer, need a hat for the occasional bad hair day or just want to try something new, this hat’s for you!

Blog Image sfsixpence3 - Handmade Paisley Hat
Sixpence Paisley Hat, handmade in the USA
Hats off to ya,

P.S. I’ve had so many people come up and ask me about this hat – moms for themselves and their daughters, grandmothers and even guys for their gals! They all agree – great style, cool fit and of course unique colors and pattern! So, get it while you can…I’m just sayin! 🙂

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Walkin’ On Sunshine & Feeling Good


Blog Image SFSUNSHINEDREAM2s - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good
Walkin on Sunshine Eco Hoody

When the air starts to get crisp and the warmth of the sun begins to fade, its a Soul-Flower hoody I reach for! This past weekend I put my newest member to the test. It’s great to have a free day and my meandering Saturday landed me in a touristy area full of shops, an old train and way cool outdoor art! Of course my Walkin’ on Sunshine hoody accompanied me. I started the morning with it wrapped around my waste, by afternoon I was delighted to put it on and by sunset I was zipped up and hooded! Perfect fall day progression! 🙂

I ordered the small, it’s a great fit with room for a t-shirt or two underneath. It’s a great cut, a little more length in the torso (a plus) and a good (not too long not to short) length to the sleeves. I love the purpley, fuchsia color to pieces! Ya know, whatever goes into these sweatshirt creations, (the particular way they are designed/made), I hope that mold never breaks! The sweatshirt hoodies from SF are truly some of the cutest, softest, greatest fitting hoodies I’ve found. I’m in total comfort wearing one and as far as I can see, (in a world according to hoodies), nothing else fits quite to a T!

Now about that sun!! I really dig the design of the large orangey/yellow sun decal on back and the awesome saying. It got me thinking about great sun inspired saying and lyrics and just then, I came across a John Lennon painted wall i.e. ” Here Comes the Sun.” It was Kismet! Can we ever get enough of that glorious 4.6 billion year old, life giving fire ball? Not a chance!

Blog Image WALKSF2s+%25282%2529 - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good
I really dig the design! 

Adding Walkin’ on Sunshine to my hoody roster has been fun and even entertaining! You’ll find yourself singing Katrina and The Waves lyrics every time you wear it! Strangely, it seems to inspire people around you to do the same. Which is pretty cool, really. Like spreading a little cheer and sunshine every where you go! I think maybe this Walkin’ on Sunshine SF hoody has been cleverly engineered to impact the world positively by that very thing…bringing smile and song to everyone! An uplifting message like “Walkin’ on Sunshine”,  the use of recycled plastic and organic cotton...heck we are well on our way to making this world an even brighter, sing-a-long kind of place! YAY!

Sing! Sing out loud!
~ Woo

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Indian Summer Maxi Dress

Every summer I have a mission to find that new vacation dress!  So, I got online and enjoyed my Soul-Flower search (without the shopping hassle) and found one of the prettiest dresses I’ve seen in a long time, The Indian Summer Maxi Dress. Without a hesitation I thought, yes please! Getting this ASAP!!! When it came in the mail I was dazzled by the color!! The purple freak in me is very happy, and I’m lovin’ on the red and purple – what a fabulous combination!! Funny, I paint using this color combo quite often, but I don’t see it enough in clothing for my fondness! The sweet Mehndi pattern is always marvelous to me as well, just so awesome!

Blog Image indiandress2 - Indian Summer Maxi Dress
In love with the rich red & purple!

The Indian Summer Maxi Dress has all the elegance for a fancy shmancy party yet the natural, light, everyday look for heading to the market in a beachy town. It’s just the best for summer vacations! So lightweight for packing, and takes up no space in my luggage! The fit is so amazing is on my body. It’s quite form fitting in the shoulder area, but I like this feature a lot because of the nice higher fit around the arm pits and neckline. 

The dress also has a nice bit of room in the hip area – very easy to move around, walk and sit in, and gives the body such a nice shape. I am 5’5” and it brushes the tops of my sandals. Perfect in every way, like it’s been tailor made!! How do they do that? Who is it that is doing this? This rich red gem is a garment made in India in the traditional ways families have been block printing cotton by hand for generations. The sewing is done by hand from women who are members of cooperatives. This dress I now wear and love helps these women and their children find their way out of poverty and the company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation! So, every time I put it on I think of whose life these dresses might be changing and wear it with a happy heart!

Enjoy your life today! ~ Woo

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Aphrodite’s Abalone Ring

Blog Image venus - Aphrodite's Abalone Ring

Oh, I just adore this Aphrodite Abalone Ring and its old world feel! In fact, upon opening my little prized box I immediately imagined the ring having been worn by a Greek sea goddess. Now, many moons later it’s been washed to shore still possessing great mystical powers… for which I haven’t discovered yet. 🙂 hehe  I love the ocean and travel there when possible, which isn’t often enough. Seeing this ring on the Soul-flower website reminded me of the many walks I’ve had along the beach. The wrap design of the pewter coils around my finger, representing waves as they fold into one another. They crash to the beach then recede to reveal the treasured shells underneath.

I don’t tend to wear much jewelry but, this ring is different! The creators, (although not sea goddesses), are a group of fair trade female artisans in rural Tecalpulco, Mexico. They, without a doubt have captured the tradition of fine Mexican jewelry beautifully in this piece, making it truly worthy of a great sea goddess. These empowered women make me feel a bit mystical and definitely inspired wearing their work! The fit is smooth and comfortable. I miss my Aphrodite abalone when it’s off, and realized quickly that the thick (somewhat heavy) appearance was quite deceiving because it hugs my finger and fits like a glove. I’d venture to say I might forget I’m wearing it if it weren’t for the fact this ring commands attention (with its striking physique) from everyone it meets! 

Just be, Woo

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For the Sustainable Slacker In All of Us

There are definitely days when I know nothing but a hoodie is on my wardrobe menu. You know those days, right? The days when you don’t have to (or want to) do anything but chillax and enjoy the simple things. That’s my favorite time for a comfy zip up sweatshirt like my newest edition the sustainable slacker! I have a good assortment of hoodies just for these kind of days… yep, I’m a hoodie hoarder in the biggest of ways!

Blog Image sfslacker3sm - For the Sustainable Slacker In All of Us
The Sustainable Slacker Hoody!

Why the hoodie? What’s the fascination? I’ve thought this through and if I’m being truthful here (and of course I should be), first and foremost it’s just the ease! Yes, one simple teeny tiny itty bitty step makes all the difference. What’s that step? There’s simply no pullin’ over my head!! Oh what a relief! Must be so exhausting! Such a difficult task! Yeah, I know pathetic aye? But on a truest of slacker days, that’s just how it’s gotta be!

Blog Image sfslacker2sm - For the Sustainable Slacker In All of Us
For both guys n gals, cuz we all need to slack off now n then 😉

Second, a hoodie lets you can be noncommittal. Maybe I’m going to wear this all day and maybe I’m not. Maybe I’ll wrap it around my waist on a whim I might want to wear it later. Whatever the case, zip up hoodies are the best decision for the undecided! Third, you can be recognizable or go incognito! Maybe I’ll sorta hide out under a tree beneath the brim of my hoodie and work on my poetry. The three ultimate slacker reasons for my ultimate slacker days.

Why has this particular sweatshirt become a bestie? What’s not to love? It’s got the most rockin’ vibe! The banded wrists and waistline – shall we say circa 78? I like the sweet color mix, a fierce mustardy yellow sun against a heather gray blue sky! Might I also add that the kangaroo pockets are excellent for carrying my ipod, phone, snacks and especially my Soul-Flower lip balm. 🙂 BTW the sustainable slacker is super duper soft, too! Guessing that’s because of  the oh so sustainable fibers – partly recycled polyester (eco-fleece) and organic cotton! So, while I may feel like a complete slacker on my hoodie days, I’m actually making a difference. See! Now we can feel better slackin’ on our slacker day!!

Live long and slack well!

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Instant Karma Embroidered Bag = Instant Love

Before this Instant Karma bag, I shudder to think what transpired daily my dears. From my mouth I uttered “where’s my darn phone?!”, too many times to count.  My friends’ response was always the same “Check your bag!” My response to their response would be “Already looked there!” And their response to my second response would be, “Check again!” Meanwhile, (in complete frustration) I had frantically torn my place apart. Then after having called out search teams in a 200 miles radius, I would decide to look in my bag just one more time. Low and behold there my phone would be, exactly where it had been the whole time, at the bottom on my enormously huge shapeless, compartment-less bag.

soulflowerbag6 - Instant Karma Embroidered Bag = Instant Love
Instant Karma Bag = Instant Love

So, it is due to this daily saga that I finally realized it was time for a new bag, a different kind of bag. One with a more functional inside, a zipped area for odds & ends, a cell phone compartment and a better shaped form so that I don’t have to use x-ray vision to see what’s lurking way, way down in the hidden crevasses! Now, I do far less stuffing, tossing & searching and much more putting, placing & finding. 🙂

Although this could be my sole reason for wanting the Karma bag, with one look you’ll know that its pretties grabbed my attention just as much! With an adorable patterned lining and beautiful embellishments, this canvas bag was made for a gypsy queen! A great look for any day and tons (TONS I say) of roominess when you need it in a cubed kind of way! Why just the other day I put a sweatshirt, a hat, four recycling grocery bags, three books, a wallet, a phone, a makeup bag, sunglasses and still had room for more! Yet to my surprise there was an even bigger, better, more amazing quality to this bag then I had known. The Instant Karma bag is giving back in a big way. A portion of the profits from selling these bags go to organizations like Oceana, Sea Shepherds, Trees for the Future and the Environmental Defense Fund. So, buying this bag is helping to clean up beaches and help animals affected by environmental disasters. Here I thought I’d be elated just for getting a cell phone pouch in a beautiful one of a kind purse!

I am a happy woman, a happy woman with a new bag… a bag that betters the world. Now that’s instant karma!

Just be, Woo


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Nothing But Nature Belt, Nothing But The Best

The Nothing But Nature Belt is nothing but the best! The bright colors are so delightful, it’s by far the prettiest belt I’ve ever had! The hand sewn flowers look like they’ve just been picked from a garden, (a garden in Peru to be exact), then delicately braided together for me to wrap around my waist. How many belts do you have like that? A belt you actually notice and better yet, love looking at?

This got me thinkerin’ about belts. For the most part belts seem to sadly get overlooked in the world of clothing. I mean, I can’t honestly say I’ve had a lot of belt excitement in my past. But why? For starters they are sometimes hidden and this reason alone could cause them to lag in funky/coolness. And yes, they serve a purpose (we need them to function correctly) and function means durability and durability doesn’t always mean good times. But who says function & purpose can’t be fun, colorful and mean good times? NOT SOUL-FLOWER!

Let’s look at some belt bennies (benefits): 

1. Belts just make pants look better… and butts, too! But, it’s not about the butt…it’s about the belt, The Nothing But Nature Belt! 

2. Belts ARE like a piece of jewelry for your jeans…a headband for your waist, a necklace for the navel! The Nothing But Nature Belt stands out in a sea of waist jewelry.

3. Belts are really starting to come into their own these days (partly due to the 1980’s return). So, show’em how it’s done Nothin’ But Nature style! 

So, who says we can’t have a party ON our pants? ((I said on, just to clarify)). 🙂  I say be colorful! Be fun! Be vivacious belts and let’s see where that takes us, shall we? Yes, we shall! I’m on board with this party and another reason I picked this belt was because it’s a great piece of art…walking art. I appreciate the colorful embroidered work, the craftsmanship and the quality of the Peruvian wool. So far, I’m impressed with it’s durability (belts do get a bit of a workout) and the hardware is very sturdy, too! The uniquely shaped buckle is made of heavy duty metal (no flimsy flam here) and has a rustic brass look with a funky carved pattern. Oh! And it has that little extra free floating loop that holds any extra fabric (the extra belt fabric after you’ve buckled) against your pants. Not all belts have that feature, so yay!

The Nothing But Nature Belt proves that belts can be colorful, functional, durable and still party like it’s 1999! You go NBNB! Me likey, me likey… and me likey!

Just let the soul flow, bubs!


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Mehndi & Heather Soft Memories

Mehndi, Mehndi so good to me…Mehndi, Mehndi it was all I hoped it would be!! Yep, find myself singing a little Mammas and Pappas whenever I wear my mehndi. Along with being particularly songstress on the occasion it’s got me thinking about my childhood, my father (who consequently sang this tune quite often himself) and my old favorite tee.
wendimehndireview3+%25282%2529 - Mehndi & Heather Soft Memories
When I was a kid my father traveled quite often for his job. Although I was always sad to see him go, I knew he’d be home soon with stories to tell of his adventure. Along with these stories and photos my father would bring us home a postcard like t-shirt that we would (proudly) wear to represent his travels and feel that we too were part of the story. Upon his return from one such trip he brought home a heather blue West Virginia ringer t-shirt. This became THE TEE for an entire summer. I remember it had a super soft lived in feel from all the washing and wearing. I went everywhere in that thing until I wore it out completely and then when it was no longer wearable, parting with it was like losing an old friend. Its funny to talk about clothes that way but have you had that experience? This treasured piece of my past eventually got forgotten until I happened across the mehndi sweatshirt and it’s brought back that past, like finding a little piece of…home.
mehndi2cs - Mehndi & Heather Soft Memories
The blue in this hoody is a really pretty color and the heathering is full of awesomeness (just like my old tshirt)! I’ve always felt heathering gives a softer look to any clothing and this feels like I’ve had it for years (thanks to the recycled materials). Soul-Flower clothing always seems that way, like something I’ll wear until it disintegrates into the air. Something I’ll always remember enjoying. This mehndi is that for me and I love wearing it when I want to be warm and comfortable…like when I’m painting. Believe it or not I haven’t got paint on it …yet!   
This hoody is made for Soul-Flower right here in the USA using low impact dyes (which puts less dye into the water when washed & uses less water to rinse) and an eco blend of 55% organic cotton and 45% recycled polyester. The uniqueness of this sweatshirt shows in the beautiful mehndi flower designs growing all about. “Mehndi” (the application of henna to the surface of the skin) dates back to twelfth century. The temporary decoration which uses dried ground henna leaves usually lasts one to three weeks, luckily for us these mehndi flowers are for keeps! 
mehndi1cs - Mehndi & Heather Soft Memories
AND maybe you’re thinkin’ these bloomin’ flowers look familiar. If so, you’d be right! Their roots have spread all over Soul-Flower land, growing and blooming throughout the catalog, blog and website. But just how did these designs come to be? Read about it here.
Well, I’m zipped up and ready to paint the long winter away with scenes of travel and places I hope to one day be… before my mehndi blooms go to seed!
Stay warm buds, Woo


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Purple Aplenty: Astral Skies Patchwork Dress

First, I’m a purple lover! If it contains even the slightest hint of it, tastes grapey, smells like lilacs, is a tune by the great purple Prince or resembles a big kid lovin’ dinosaur, it’s safe to say imma be like’n it! That was my first pull toward the Astral Skies Patchwork Dress. Purple variations o-plenty going on here! Vivid violet, mild maroon and night sky blue to (nick) name a few and all with a slightly muted pre-wash fade. Gorgeous colors and a nice weight for the cooler months!

The second gotta-have-me was the patchwork! Sewn together with neat-o exposed stitching gives this dress really great texture! I’ve been an admirer of patchwork since the days of my grandmothers hand sewn blankets. Using left over fabric from various projects she would carefully pick just the right collection of pieces to create each blanket. I acquired many of them through the years but every Christmas I looked forward to the next just to see the designs and color pallet she had chosen.

Third, the Astral Skies unique look! I like seeing the variations in each patch and beyond that, knowing every Astral Skies dress out there is doin’ its own thing! The little bleached spots sprinkled throughout this dress remind me of snowflakes and stars. As if I’m looking up while they fall towards me from a pretty purpley patchwork sky.And just as no two snowflakes or stars or grandmothers blankets were ever the same, the Astral Skies dress can claim that too! It’s in these variations, the way each piece is chosen, cut and placed that brings theone of a kindcreation together. How very far out of each Astral Skies Dress to have its own vibe. We all have ours, seems fitting that our clothes should too.

Peace to you all! May your new year be filled with love and kindness.


P.S. I’m looking forward to wearing this soft-n-comfy dress for the holidays! Maybe my nephew can count the snowflakes and stars? At three, I bet he’d be up for that!

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The Joy of Soy Coy Skirt-Pants

The best part of owning these Soy Coy pants is feeling like a kid again! Yes, it’s true! Something about wearing a pair of pants under a skirt brought my mind right back to grade school just like the description says. I had to laugh remembering many days gearing up for recess by throwing on a pair of sweats under my skirt. Such an empowering feeling! I’m indestructible! I can do anything and wear a skirt, too! — I could climb any mountain ( or jungle gym), swing from the highest branch (or monkey bar) and play kickball with the best of them all while maintaining a “you go girl” attitude!! All these years later and I still want to do that as much as possible. 🙂

What I love most is that the skirt is a completely separate piece from the pants. Of course, together they are an amazingly dynamic duo but one never knows when an urge to go skirt-less (and sport the nifty nomad pants alone) could in fact happen. I think they are just way cute and ridiculously rad! The fit is extremely body friendly, creating very nice lines and a comfy but flattering fit. The feel is pretty unreal, they are luxuriously soft, move well with the body and nicely constructed.

Checking their genetic makeup, the tag says more then 50% soy material. I didn’t know much about soy in clothing but found that these fibers are stronger then cotton (or wool) and have pretty awesome absorbency and better ventilation then cotton. It’s also light, resists perspiration & wrinkles and dries quickly. Soy has the most lavish appearance among plant fibers (kinda the cashmere of the plant world). The fibers are even said to have antibacterial qualities and to be sunlight/UV resistant. Soy’s may even possess a super power – it’s natural amino acids – which are said to have a positive vibe effect on the wearers skin. Cool, we like vibes, right buds?

So now that we know soy makes these little coys extra strong, cool, dry and health helping, I want to talk about details. Yeah, definitely not coy in that area with all the beautifully detailed stitching throughout.  A slight flare in comfortable pants is always welcome! The ruched pockets on the sides of the pant and skirt add great style. The color is neat-o too! The slate grey sometimes looks more brown and seems to change with whatever I’m wearing – love that! All in all, a whole lotta pzazz!

So, I say go jump on that swing in your soy coys and remember the joy you had as a child, everyday of your life! Everyday a new story begins… look at it with wonder and curiosity.

Big hugs ~ Woo

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Allium Dharma Pants, More than a Pretty Name

The Dharma Allium pants first caught my attention with the word Dharma in the title description. Yes, I must confess I was a LOST TV show enthusiast (dharma initiative). So, yes indeed these cozy pants had me at “dharma” however the name has a much deeper meaning then that of a television show. The term Dharma is of central importance in Indian religion/philosophy. It is essentially the notion of upholding the natural order of thingsInterpretation of India’s ancient text reveals a divinely instituted natural order of things and 
that justice, social harmony and happiness require humans to exist in a manner appropriate to the requirements of that order. In various Indian religions (i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism), living according to ones dharma will move them more rapidly toward personal liberation – nirvana.
Giving even more meaning to these pants is the sweet Allium flower growing up the right leg. According to the book “Garlic and Other Alliums” by E. Block, the flowers name comes from the Latin word for union, unio or unity. Pretty cool! I will happily carry unio on my pant leg and wish for a seed to blow off into the world and create more unity! 🙂 If that isn’t enough inspiration, I’ve got a hunch the adorable ruffle at the hemline, and the super soft, light, airy organic cotton might be! I especially dig the fold over waist band that allows you to adjust the rise. They are superb for days when I feel like curling up with a good book, but just as great for running a few errands or heading to yoga class. A true go anywhere kind of pant, something I’ve been looking for for a long time. They are super duper comfy wear that will carry you though the day in a whimsical, zenful way.
These Dharma darlin’s were also custom made for Soul-Flower by Earth Creations, (a front runner in creating environmentally friendly clothing). I wanted to know more about this company so I did a little research. The Earth Creations story begins with a bike ride. Joy (co founder) went off roading one day and ended up covered in Alabama red dirt. No matter how many times she washed it the color was there to stay. Years later, still intrigued by the strength of that clay, her partner (Martin) saw it’s potential and began experimenting with the clay as a dye for T-shirts. That was 17 years ago and the clothing is still colored using Martins original process. Earth Creations has grown into a full line of organic tees and casual wear (made with sustainable fibers like cotton and hemp and non-PVC ink) dyed in a plethora of colors! They, like Soul-Flower, believe in protecting the earth, giving back to the community and supporting environmental efforts. They are indeed worthy of their tagline, Eco. Pure. Simple.
Be pure…be simple, buds!


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Woo be Scrunchalicious

Yay! Got my new crop pants, buds and I gotta tell you, they’re packin’ some serious scrunch! They definitely deserve the name scrunchalicious! I’m always amazed at how much I adore these garments when they arrive. Is that weird? I can’t remember ever being so happy about getting clothing before. Describing the goods with such strong emotional phrases like “love, love, love them!” Yep, aha and theses capris are so wonderful, I just love ’em, too!

The soft fabric gives them a lot of stretch (95% cotton and 5% lycra) making for one cozy pair of crops. I gotta admit, I’m more of a shorts or jeans kinda gal when I’m in casual mode. Creature of habit, maybe? Well, these scrunchie crops have changed my mind on what’s most comfortable. These cropies are mucho soft, a nice weight plus have great details and style. I feel like I’m dressing up every top I own with them. All the same, I can totally lounge around the house while sporting these puppies and don’t miss wearing jeans or shorts AT ALL. In fact, I feel like I’m in my pajama bottoms! Shhh.

As for the design, the waist has a thin elastic band that is very stretchy. The size small waist seems to comfortably stretch to twenty eight inches. Below the waist the capris have a three inch stitched yoke design. Love that 80’s throwback detail. They seem to be a little big in the hips for me but I wear long tops anyway so, no worries there. The sweetest little embroidered tree lives centered on the back of the waistband and they have a nifty seam down the middle (front and back) of each leg. Starting at the knees, the main feature, the coolest gathered scrunchieness ever! I ordered them in brown which is a really nice chocolate shade (darker than the picture online) and they go with almost everything I own. I like them so much I’m thinking about getting the black ones (which will go with everything else I own).

There’s another important benefit of owning these capris, they are part of Avatar Imports clothing line. Avatar is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, (a nonprofit trade association that promotes businesses that adhere to principles of fair trade). So, workers creating these great clothes aren’t paid as little as possible (sweat shop amounts), they are paid an amount that actually allows them to…live. Not only that, Avatar is a certified “Green” company practicing resource conservation – conserving energy, water, materials, preventing pollution, waste, etc. This inspires me to do what I can in my own life because even simple things like shutting off power when leaving a room, printing double sided or canceling junk mail CAN make a difference. These things matter. Every natural resource is precious and every being is of value and deserves to be treated with fairness and a chance at a better life for the work they do. Wouldn’t it be great if this was a priority for everyone? Today is the day to change. So, I will gladly wear wonderfully unique scrunchalicious capris from companies that believe in doing good, being conscious and fair.

Peace and love,

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Wranglin’ up flowers: Little Cowgirl Dress

Ok, saddle up all you cowgirl buds! This one will surely rope you in. It’s a sassy lil’ cowgirl dress and it’s so much fun. But, let me back up a bit. I started anticipating the new Soul-Flower spring catalog many weeks before its arrival. I perused Soul-Flowers website and Facebook page every few days leading up to the mail order catalog as they often revealed new merchandise teasers each week, which by the way is really fun! The day the cowgirl dress was unveiled I was immediately drawn in by the multitude of color, pattern, texture and design. How often can you get so much bang for your buck? (No pun intended – Yeeha!) Well, I gotta tell ya, it’s even better in person! Of course it was a one of a kind find (I think I can safely say that about all Soul-Flower items) and I wasn’t gonna miss it. Plus it’s mucho fun to get some new clothes with spring now underway – finally! But, back to the dress.

The day I received it in the mail was such a treat. I really dug the overall design and funky patterns. Not only did the colors seem absolutely brilliant, but the design is sweet and very pretty. I don’t wear a lot of dresses so this was really a treat! I think I got it out of my closet ten times that day because well, there’s so much to look at! The cotton is light weight with a bit of crinkle to it, making it easy to care for and great for anyone who likes to line dry and/or conserves energy usage.

The empire waist, tie neck, puff sleeves and tiered ruffles (each with a different pattern) hearkens back to things I wore as a young girl but with a gypsy artist flare. I like clothing that represents who I am and what I love to do. As a painter, I love me some color…not gonna lie and this measures up in that department. The dress has lots of colors (like my paint pallette) but they blend together very nicely (unlike my paint pallette). It’s vivid but with a slight muted look. As far as what to wear it with, I’m really partial to boots this year and this cowgirl dress really does rock out paired with some boots and skinny jeans. I’ve also thrown a long sleeve tee under it and worn it that way on cooler days and nights. I look forward to summer when I can wear the dress alone and stay uber cool since it’s a really light weight cotton. As with all Soul-Flower items, I look forward to wearing it every time, and that’s just one reason I love it! I would definitely think about getting this one, it’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s… happy! Yeah, I feel happy when I wear it! On that note enjoy spring, buds! Life is popping up all around. What a beautiful and much embraced time of year! ~Woo

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Daytripper Women’s Tee Review

She was a day tripper! Yeah! This t-shirt is perfect for any day trip you want to take. It’s super soft, comfy, light weight and has a flattering, stretchy shape that rests gently at the hips. Of course, that’s not all that makes this tee fabulously awesome. The colors! The pattern! The Frog! Forget about it! Wait, no don’t! In fact, once you see it you can’t forget about it. That is precisely why I own it! When I saw this item in Soul-Flower’s “What’s New” category, I KNEW I had to have it. It did not disappoint! Love, love, love this laid back froggie strummin’ his guitar. Amazing color, design and image. As an painter, I appreciate the wonderful watercolor texture throughout the images and the soft woody hues. So unique and so very Alice In Wonderland like awesomeness.

The flattering cut makes it perfect for wearing alone. It’s a statement absolutely by itself. However, it has a scoop neck design so you can pop a light weight tank under it to catch a little color peeking out around the neckline. I’ve worn it with a button down sweater and jeans since it’s a bit cool outside yet. The warm hues are fun to play with and layer under greens, oranges, and taupe. It also looks pretty sweet under my zip up hoodie and a pair of khakis (or even sweats) for a casual style. Works great dressed up, too! Probably my favorite thing to do with the Daytripper T-shirt is to pair it with my Soul-Flower eco-friendly Desert Mountain skirt and a pair of boots. Can’t say enough about this versatile top and if there is one thing a girl can never have enough of its versatile tees! A top that you can mix-n-match, dress up or down. A tee with a great design and flattering cut can go anywhere!

So, this lil’ froggie chillin’ with his guitar has no worries but unfortunately, real frogs are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Over the last few decades there has been a rapid disappearance of many frog species. A sure sign that something is going very wrong on our planet and how we care for it – habitat destruction, depletion of the ozone layer, pesticides, acid rain, are a few threats. This is why I am happy to live with greater respect for this earth and its creatures. This is also why I feel the need to buy from a company (Soul-Flower) that believes in doing what they can for the planet, too. As an artist, animal and earth lover, this tee fits me to a T!

Feelin’ the froggie vibe,

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