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dragonfly medicine 3 640x430 - Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly Medicine

It was a beautiful evening on the river. The sun was beginning its colorful descent, birds were soaring above, and stillness infused the space around us. “Look over there,” he said. We noticed two dragonflies dancing above the water, twirling so freely. We sat in silence for a few moments, just taking in their presence. (more…)

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dumpster 2 640x430 - Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Trash Artists

Philadelphia Dumpster Divers: Trash Artists

What is upcycling? Simply put, upcycling is taking something of lessor value (generally unwanted, discarded materials and objects) and altering it in such a way that its value and usefulness is enhanced. Enter the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, a group of trash and found object artists whose motto (penned by founder Neil Benson) is “Trash is simply a failure of imagination.” (more…)

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hangout5 640x430 - Flying Solo

Flying Solo

Over the past several years, attending music festivals has lead me to notice just how much social media stifles our independence. We tend to forget about ourselves, the moment, and the significance of living within it. I believe it’s important to stay connected with people as much as possible, but I also think it’s beneficial to fall off the map every now and again. (more…)

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