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Peace Hoody

Newest member of the Karma Krewe here. When I first discovered Soul Flower (through a link on Facebook’s sidebar, of all places!) I knew I had discovered a true gem. Their eco friendly clothing is so different from other boutiques I have shopped at before, because it’s nice to the earth AND nice on the eyes, (more…)

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mudslide pants - The Mudslide of Tie -Dye Pants Go to Yoga Class

The Mudslide of Tie -Dye Pants Go to Yoga Class

These tie-dye pants are the perfect thing after sliding in the mud and then kicking back and having a Mudslide.  Personally, I’ve been wearing them for teaching yoga, doing yoga, cleaning the house, working in the yard, working at my computer, hula hooping, and yes, kicking back for evening drinks and relaxation after a long day of outside play.  They’re like PJ pants that are super fun to wear and look at!


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Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!

With these Bojangles Beach Pants, it’s the details! First, the obvious: the pattern. It is so unique and crazy! A mix of bright, eye-catching colors mixed with deep purple and black. Then up the side there is a long line of a deep, wine-like purple with brown wooden buttons. The mixture of black and brown on these pants make it so that you can wear them with anything! The lace lining the bottom of the legs is the same deep purple. I was worried these pants would be too long for me (I am 5’2″) and they were. But I could easily roll the waist band over to achieve the desired length. That is a big plus! The material is light and airy which is perfect for summer beaches or nights out.

bojangles+beach+pants - Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!Blog Image
Feelin’ the music from my head to my toes…literally! 

And who could forget the little jingle bells?? Yes, they actually jingle when you walk! I have never seen anything like it! It inspired me to wear them out to one of my gigs. I sing (and play tambourine) in a classic rock cover band. The cute little bells reminded me of my tambourine, and the thought of using my legs as another instrument excited me. Plus, these pants are so GROOVY! Nothing else in my closest is this worthy of wearing while singing Led Zeppelin. Perfect for playing tambourine and dancing during “Soul Man” by the Blue’s Brothers. And when I hit that cowbell during “Gimme Three Steps” I feel very much in character. Oh, and I don’t get too hot when I’m grooving in them. Best worn with boots, platforms if you have them!!!

funky+pattern+pants - Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!Blog Image
Feelin’ the groove with funky patterned pants that jingle!
“He said the name Bojangles and he danced a lick all across the cell

He grabbed his pants for a better stance, oh, he jumped so high and he clicked up his heel

He let go laugh, he let go laugh, shook back his clothes all aroun

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance, yeah, dance.”

Rock on,

The Bojangles Beach Pants were also featured in Soul Flower’s Summer Bliss Lookbook, if you want to check out more style possibilities! 🙂

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Boho Style Collage: Meditate What Matters

Surround yourself with positivity! 


This season, mustard yellows, grassy greens and rusty reds and oranges have come together to inspire some want worthy style combinations. From zigzaggy leggings and colorful crochet to wide bohemian headbands with standout prints, this summer is all about having fun with fashion and letting your style reflect how you feel. Adorn yourself and your home in messages and symbols of positivity to remind yourself of the things that truly matter. Uplift yourself and let the warmth of summer overtake your soul. 


Face the sun & shine! 

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Tom Petty Inspired Style

It’s fun to imagine famous people, like Tom Petty, wandering the pages of Soul Flower. What would they buy? Most of the time it isn’t that out there to imagine what their picks would be, just glancing at a few photos of someone, like the rockin’ Tom Petty, can tell me what they would probably want to buy and,who knows, maybe they will. Tom Petty are you out there?? 😉 

Ha…right right, JacQ, Petty reads this blog each night before he goes to sleep.

HEY, you never know, buds! There’s no shame in runnin’ down a dream. 😉

Anyways, here’s what I imagine Tom Petty would dig:


Tom Petty Inspired Style by jackyleev featuring Threads for Men


He’s all about those crew neck T-shirts, collared long sleeve shirts and Southwestern prints…simple ‘n’ badass is his rock ‘n’ roll.

So, Mr. Tom Petty, feel free to call Soul Flower and place your order. Ask for Jacqui! 😉



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Orange You Glad Orange is In?

If orange is your favorite color, jump for joy! We sure have a lot of it lately. Easily add some tang to your wardrobe with these Orange-rific pieces!


Blog Image sugar%20and%20spice%20skirt lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Midday Mango Scarf & Sugar & Spice Asymmetrical Skirt


Blog Image wood%20cut%20necklace lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Illumination Necklace


Blog Image i+heart+soul+flower lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
I Heart Soul Flower T-Shirt
Blog Image orange+flower+dress lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Zinnia Summer Dress
orangthreads - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Top:Take a Hike T-Shirt, Sunrise Surprise Tank, Sands of Time Tube Top
Bottom: Mighty Mini Stripe Pack, Sunflower Shoulder Bag, Go Round in Circles Skirt, Marigold Cuff Bracelet
Blog Image kids%20orange%20patchwork lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
A Day at the Beach Kids’ Patchwork Pants


Blog Image matata%20tank lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Matata Tie-Strap Tank Top


Blog Image carmella+in+the+morning+sundress lg - Orange You Glad Orange is In?
Carmella in the Morning Sundress

How you like them tangerine dreams? 

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An Interview with the Karma Captain

Every time I page through a catalog, I can’t help but wonder what inspired it. Out of all the themes and all the clothes in the world, how did this catalog come to be what it is? Even though I work here at Soul Flower and take part in much of this inspiration while it’s in the works, I still find myself wanting to ask….what spurred all of this? Well, if anyone would know, it would have to be Peggy, our Karma Captain & Co-owner.



What inspired the Soul Flower Spring/Summer 2012 clothing line?
It is two fold – bright, patterned, flowing fabrics for much of our imported line and printed positive, powerful images for our US made line. Both can easily be combined together for an eclectic, bohemian look. Our clothing is thoughtful and active  – two important parts of my lifestyle and also soul flower’s philosophy. Since a lot of our clothing has a yoga quality to it, much of our graphics & images are rooted in that. As are the messages –you will find both positive images and positive messages mixed into our active wear – things like fly free, be yourself, and let your soul flower. Finally, we are always inspired by mother earth and try to keep things as eco-friendly as possible.

Blog Image pattern grid - An Interview with the Karma Captain
This seasons many patterns!

When you select pieces, do you keep entire outfits in mind, or does it just fall into place?
I do try to think about how pieces will work together. We look for common themes in prints and colors in hopes that our buds can find lots of creative ways to work the pieces together. We buy a lot of designs and patterns that can be layered together for unique looks.

Looks like the Soul Flower Originals line is really growing, especially with all the new yoga/lounge sets – any particular reason why?
We wanted a line that was comfortable but stylish, US-made but affordable, eco-friendly but fashionable. Since we hadn’t found it elsewhere, we decided to make it ourselves. We found a great source for organic cotton and recycled fabrics here in the US. And we have a group of Soul Flower buds here that makes it work – lots of ideas for designs, graphics and messages are always flowing, so it is fun to be able to make it from scratch!

How did this year’s line inspire the catalog’s overall theme of Everyday Bliss?
I always go back to comfort, being cozy, and feeling happy and confident in your own skin. I like to think that our clothing helps people do that – we design for a lot of different styles, body-types and looks while keeping it comfortable – to help our buds best express themselves. Everyday Bliss means feeling happy right where you are, just as you are and wearing positive, comfy clothing can help that!


What’s your favorite thing about this seasons catalog?
I love the idea of finding bliss right where you are – embracing those you love around you and not always trying to search for something more. For this catalog, we imagined things like building forts on a rainy day, snuggling up with the ones you care about and really taking the time to notice what you have. It became a crazy-fun set up at soul flower – cool random bunkers with fabric, tapestries, scarves – these comfy-cozy forts where our buds could hang out in their soul flower threads. 🙂

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Boho Tube Headband Video Review

Our bud, Brit, did a fun little review of our new Boho Tube Headbands. They fit a variety of personalities and are great for feelin’ pretty or gettin’ sweaty! Whether you’re a yoga chic or a biker babe doesn’t matter, they’re pretty rockin’ for anyone! Check out Brit’s video for the finer deets! 
Other prints & designs available:
Blog Image SOL308 lg - Boho Tube Headband Video Review
Blog Image SOL311 lg+(1) - Boho Tube Headband Video Review
Blog Image SOL312alt3 lg - Boho Tube Headband Video Review
Positive Messages
Blog Image SOL309 lg - Boho Tube Headband Video Review
Soulshine Bursts
Blog Image SOL313 lg - Boho Tube Headband Video Review
Hope you like them as much as we do! 🙂
Peace & Happiness from your buds at Soul Flower

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